KFOR left its mandate contrary to the UN Resolution, due to the criminal interests of its member governments (PHOTO)

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KFOR left its mandate contrary to the UN Resolution, due to the criminal interests of its member governments (PHOTO)

KFOR left its mandate contrary to the UN Resolution, due to the criminal interests of its member governments (PHOTO) KFOR has fenced with barbed wire for more than two weeks and posted an armed guard in the broader circle around the Zvečan municipality building in the north of the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija.

KFOR soldiers in Zvečan / Photo: Ivan Maksimović, KM novine
By Ivan >> Pročitaj celu vest na sajtu KMnovine.com << Maksimovic

In this way, KFOR prevents Serbs from expressing their democratic right and protesting against (for now only) legal violence by imposing an illegitimate and illegal government of Kosovo separatists, which has no legitimacy even according to its own "law".
Also, an additional reason for this protest is the fact that where the Kosovo Albanians took over, not only Serbs are no longer there, but also Serbian houses, apartments, estates, churches, and even cemeteries have been destroyed, burned, or usurped by the Albanians or even KFOR personally, like the land where the famous US base Bondsteel is located!

Not so friendly looks under helmets and masks / Photo: Ivan Maksimović, KM novine     

In the north of Kosovo and Metohija, less than 2% of Albanians are located primarily in mountain villages and connected to the rest of their population by modern and high-quality infrastructure towards which the Serbs have never really shown their interest. So, there is no reason to ruin peace and order in this area because it does not endanger anyone. In fact, when you look closely, this is being carried out, as it seems, so that the Serbs would be subjected to the rule of the Albanian minority and the terror that has been carried out in Kosovo for the past 24 years under the patronage of KFOR and the UNMIK mission, spread to other parts where Serbs live so that they would be expelled from there also.

KFOR is "imperceptible" as long as those whom it came to control and subordinate to the interests of their country are obedient and peaceful.  / Photo: Ivan Maksimović, KM novine    

Therefore, systematic ethnic cleansing of Serbs is being carried out, which unequivocally represents - genocide.
Let's remember that in February 2008, the ethnic Albanian separatists from Kosovo and Metohija illegally declared "independence," contrary to international law and in direct opposition to Resolution 1244 of the United Nations, which regulates the situation on the ground since 1999, when the NATO aggression against the former Yugoslavia, the state union which then consisted of Serbia and Montenegro, ended. This was done at the persuasion and pressure of the American government.
At the same time, all valid international political and legal bodies, including the United Nations, recognize that area as the southern Serbian province.

A moment of respite, but omnipresent caution and readiness to prevent any form of protest  / Photo: Ivan Maksimović, KM novine 

Thus, KFOR, as a sub-organization of the NATO alliance, stepped out of its mandate provided by UN Resolution 1244 and sided with the Kosovo Albanians in their illegal intention to create another national state of their own on historically, legally and on every basis, Serbian territory.
Following its mandate from the United Nations, KFOR had to prevent political arbitrariness and not impose it with weapons. However, as the latter happened, KFOR created a simple occupying force on its own, by the free choice of their governments which transferred their authority to the main NATO headquarters, putting its soldiers in the same position as Nazi Germany in this area in the Second World War.
So, Kosovo Albanians are violating international law, relying on the support of America and the NATO pact, which have their own strategic, invasive goals of further expansion of their influence towards Russia and Asia, but also the exploitation of this area, Kosovo and Metohia, which is in the world and Europe's top in terms of coal, ore and drinking water supplies.
And so now all international law, its purpose, power, and meaning... is condensed in the previous sentence.

In a wider circle around the building of the municipality of Zvečan, KFOR posted its guards, causing unrest and anxiety among the residents of this area  / Photo: Ivan Maksimović, KM novine     

Knowing all this, it is to be expected that the West will once again "sacrifice" its ideals of freedom and justice and, along with them, the fate and future of thousands of Serbian families, quite possibly the lives "at least" destroyed, if not lost, for the sake of its invasive and predatory goals and planned accrued benefits. It would be the first time if we were lying...

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After several years of cooperation with the leading Serbian magazines and the media, with the beginning of the crisis in the north of Kosovo (june, 2011.) he started to report independently. The reason for this was the fact that all media reported partly or completely incorrectly about these events. Due to his method of reporting, he was called "a peoples journalist". Today, he is the only Serbian independent journalist in Kosovo and Metohija.

At the time he thought that this engagement would only last until the crisis lasted. He has remained active until today.

He was born and lives in Kosovo and Metohija, Serbia.

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