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Music 4 Body & Soul presents: Chateau Flight

Music 4 Body & Soul presents: Chateau Flight

Gun Club, Beograd
Friday 8 Apr 22:00

Château Flight is the collaboration between Parisian DJs and producers Gilb’r and Nicolas Chaix, aka I:Cube, without whom the history of modern French electronic and dance music would look very different.
Gilb'r is a hip-hop-loving ex-radio jock, while I:Cube’s debut single 'Disco Cubizm' propelled him into the premier league of French house producers when he was just a teenage schoolboy. The pair formed Château Flight in 1997 with an open agenda, and have since released a variety of remixes and albums on Gilb’r’s Versatile label. Their respective musical heritage echoes the sounds of Detroit techno soul, Chicago and their jackmasters, the warmth, boom boxes and mirror balls of New York as well as early European electronica, Italian disco, German krautrock as well as the delays and reverbs King Tubby or Lee “Scratch” Perry experimented with. I:Cube likes to describe the results of their collaborative efforts as pretty unpredictable: „No system, no formula, always a bit different…” The same words apply to their appearances as DJs or as a live act.
Instead of a boring and predictable textbook sets, they throw everything in the mix that influenced and inspired the Chateau Flight sound system.
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