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Serbia’s missing journalist receives several life threats

Serbia’s missing journalist receives several life threats

Two independent journalists’ associations demanded on Thursday a thorough police search for missing reporter Stefan Cvetkovic, adding that he had complained about threats he had been receiving during the last decade.

The Independent Association of Journalists in Serbia (NUNS) and the Independent Union of Vojvodina Journalists (NDNV) said Cvetkovic’s disappearance should worry both police and the Interior Ministry because of many threats the journalist had reported before the >> Pročitaj celu vest na sajtu N1 televizija << night of June 13-14 when he went missing.

NUNS listed a total of seven reported threats from May 2008 to May 2018, two of which are also in the OSCE database.

They included a word “dead” written on his car in 2016, which Cvetkovic linked to his reports about illegal storage and incineration of hazardous waste in his hometown of Bela Crkva, and labels “a foreign mercenary, paid by (a US wealthy philanthropist of Hungarian origin, George) Soros.”

In other incidents, a local official smashed Cvetkovic's mobile phone when he wanted to tape the insults the official threw at him when they met in a restaurant, after which still unknown perpetrators ruined his car.

Cvetkovic also reported that not only him, but his family too had received death threats.

Before them, he reported, he had got “friendly warnings” to give up the investigation into the Vojvodina Capital Investment Fund’s fraud allegations.

He told Beta news agency that his ordeal started after he had asked the then Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic about the investigations into the Fund, at a news conference on August 7, 2015.

Cvetkovic said he had reported the incidents to police who said they were looking into them and that his family was put under police protection.

“Police told me that I became a target after posting the question related to the Capital Investment Fund at the news conference and that the mobile phones used for the threats belonged to three men who they

   arrested on suspicion of abusing the Fund,” Cvetkovic said in one of his incidents’ reports.

Cvetkovic added that he was pleasantly surprised with both interest and attention the police showed for his reports.

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