MILICA AS INSPIRATION: Girl from Serbia helped rebuilding of school in Kenya (PHOTO)

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MILICA AS INSPIRATION: Girl from Serbia helped rebuilding of school in Kenya (PHOTO)

People of good will reacted this summer on the invitation from the volunteer girl from Serbia to help a school in Kenya. Rotary E-club from Serbia joined the action and children got drinking water, books and notes, food, clothes...

This is the proof that Serbia can help the ones in need.

Young Milica Radovic, who volunteered in Kenya this summer, called for all good people over her blog to help rebuilding the school where she volunteered.

Many individuals >> Pročitaj celu vest na sajtu << and companies answered, and Rotary E-club 2483 district joined the project, as a single greatest donor, donating 25% of the needed resources.

Milica Radovic (28) is co founder of the greatest IT event in the region, ITconnect, and carrier of TEDx licence fourth year in a row. She loves traveling and helping people on her journeys. 

About her motivation to start the global campaign of helping the children in Kenya she said: 


- "On my two-month journey through Kenya, in a village on the island of Rusinga, I met with 15 children in a school in a meadow. I wrote about my volunteering at my blog. I had two options: 1. to be next to them a couple of days, take a picture, hang on instagram and go on. Option 2 was to stay and use blog so i could raise money and help this little children where help was urgently needed. Guess which option I chose. "

Rotary E-Club of Serbia and other donors have made it possible for Milica Radovic in Kenya to do the following:

1) Introduce a system for drinking water;

2) provide food for students for the next 6 months;

3) sew uniforms for students;

4) buy books, notebooks, accessories, for students;

5) buy additional materials for the teacher for the coming year;

6) buy two mattresses on which the following volunteers would sleep.


Rotary is a global humanitarian organization that gathers worldwide successful individuals whose volunteer work or services want to improve their local communities, but also make a global world a better place. Rotary E-Club District Serbia and Montenegro is the first Rotary club in our country and it has its meetings held electronically via the Internet, and therefore can bring together the members from different cities, but also the different countries. This action in Kenya is the first international activity of this young Rotary Club.

- As soon as we got the call to join the campaign in Kenya we have accepted. Commitment of our Rotary club is that activity should be directed towards education, which this project certainly is. We are happy that with this project we helped the children on the other side of the world from Serbia. This is what gives the Rotary organization its strength. It is important for every individual to find a way to do something useful for their community besides their every day job. Its even better if one can do it on global level - said Nikola Bozic, first president and the founder of electronic Rotary club in our country.


The whole campaign started by miss Radovic, which was supported by 50 companies and individuals next to the Rotary club, showed that there many people of good will in Serbia and the diaspora that are willing to help to those in need.

Milica herself is the inspiration for all who want to do humanitarian work. 


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